Finding the Rabbit
Saturday, December 10, 2005
Nihao -

This isn’t really an installment, but here are a bunch of pictures from the past few weeks. I’ve gone several places in that time, and I’ve been really slow at getting the pictures together. I still have more pictures waiting to make it out into the cyber-spotlight, and Clara and I are going to a place called Yeh Liu this weekend, so doubtless I’ll have pictures from that too.

Also, please notice my spiffy new Links section in the sidebar on the right. The first link is to my email address, which I set up as an easier way for you to send me your comments rather than posting them under each picture. This way I’ll see them a lot faster. The other three links are for the blogs of my friends (those who have blogs that I know about, anyway). The first one is for my writer friend, Sandra, in the States. The second one is for my friend Clara, who is very present here in Keelung, and the others are for two fellow Shane teachers, Kai and Natalia, who teach at schools in Taichung and in the Taipei district of Dong Hu respectively. Check them out.

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