Finding the Rabbit
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Now, we couldn’t claim any damage or drama on this one. These pictures – can you see the driving rain? – were about as bad as it got in Keelung, and that’s equal to any moderate winter day. The typhoon cut an east-west swath across Taiwan’s belly, several hours to our south, though the storm’s total diameter encompassed the entire island. The basic attitude toward typhoons here is to hunker down indoors and stay home. Much the same way that people view taxes in the US. No fear, really, just something you gotta do. They’re well-prepared with extra food and water, and emergency lights in case the electricity goes out. Indeed, with the vast majority of people living in apartments, buildings in the city are like fortresses. It would take a truly monstrous storm – or earthquake – to dislodge one of those.

A few weeks ago, my friend Christine took me out for a very nice seafood lunch at Bi Sha Harbor, outside of Keelung. I teach both of her children: her son in CE13 and her daughter in the kindergarten. She and her husband have spent the last ten years in Novi, Michigan, of all places, and are quite familiar with my homeland. After lunch Christine and I wandered around the harbor a bit, talking and enjoying the sea breezes.

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