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Sunday, September 24, 2006
The busy summer has ended at Shane, which means a significant drop in my hours, back down to somewhere near normal. Classes are still going fine. My two CE05 classes have merged together to create a single CE06, which so far has been fine. Of course, we’ve only had 4 lessons so far, and one half of this class is comprised of my five unruly boys, so this good behavior is doomed anyway. We’ll see how long it lasts. CE14, who has been tamed, is beginning to slip again, so I’ve come up with some…incentives for them, which seem to be working. Interestingly enough, my kindergarten, where the average age is five, is much better behaved than either CE06 or CE14. I can’t tell you why, but no horses here, and definitely no teeth.

Last week marked the end of CJ08, my junior high class, as I’ve known it for the past three months. For much of that time, that class was in danger of closing down. It only had three students in it, one of whom was leaving in September, bringing the roster down to two. My heart was breaking because I’d lose my favorite class, not to mention three hours of employment every week. Judy and Cheyenne’s language level is high enough that they would have had a hard time finding another class which fit their age level and school schedule. So Jennifer and I put our heads together and came up with a proposal for their parents (basically turning it into a private class), which they accepted! So we won’t have to lose them after all. Yesterday was the first day of the all-new CJ09, and like usual, it went swimmingly.

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