Finding the Rabbit
Sunday, September 24, 2006
This is a glass candleholder that was handmade for me by Amy, one of the kids in my CE06 class. The purple color comes from a gelatinous fill inside the glass, and has shells and coral in it. It's beautiful. She made it for me at a craft stand in the night market, and was fairly dancing with the jitters when she gave it to me after class last week. I keep it in the place of honor in my room, on the shelf with my books and all the rocks I've collected from various places.

This installment is more like a diary than a newsletter, I think. There is some fairly big news, and some ramblings too. Not much has been happening here, though. A few weeks ago, my MP3 player broke, so I bought a new one. It's spiffy and white and not much bigger than a flash drive. Even better, it's got 1G of memory, and can hold a lot more music than my old one could. Posted by Picasa

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