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Saturday, November 04, 2006
Hello -

So here’s the mother of all postings! This one's really long, with lots of pictures. We had the Moon Festival in the end of September, and then 10-10 Day, which is Taiwan’s Independence Day, on….well, October 10th. Those two holidays falling so close together meant that most schools had a five-day weekend, though Shane was open on Monday, October 9, much to my CE14 class’s dismay. And then the government did something funny: it announced on Thursday, October 12, that Monday should not have been a holiday, and that if all businesses and schools wanted to make the following Saturday a regular work day they could. And they did. Jennifer cancelled all of our Saturday classes because our students had to go to their regular schools. My housemate, Eva, has some friends who’d been planning to get married that day, but then suddenly couldn’t because they (plus everyone invited) had to go to work or school instead! Quite a mess was made that week, and it certainly didn’t help the image of a presidency hanging on tenterhooks anyway.

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