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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Classes are doing fine. CE06 has graduated to CE07 and has begun a new book – SPEC 4, as it were, the very same book I helped record nearly a year ago. We haven’t yet heard my voice on the CD but it’s only a matter of time before they realize it’s me, or that it sounds an awful lot like me. Then I wonder what I’ll do, because I already know I’ll never live it down! My new CE01 class has completed their first term already, and will become CE02 next week. They’ve been a very easy class to teach, since most of them are nine or ten years old (unusually old to begin studying English), a bit more mature and well-behaved. CE15 just had their midterm, and are cruising along at their usual breakneck speed. Their pen pal program has kicked off well, and I’ve already received a message from the American school saying they’re starting to receive our letters now, and the kids there are thrilled. Hopefully before Chinese New Year most of my kids here will have received letters back from the States. My junior high class, CJ09, had their final exam today and will be promoted to CJ10 next week. And the kindergarten, CK04, is starting to speak English in full sentences now. They can read quite a bit, too; I’m immensely proud of what those little guys and gals can do. I’ve started branching outside their standard textbook and including more “daily life” vocabulary, which seems to be going over well. And my adult class, API07, which took a three-week break, will resume next week again. I have picked up another adult class and several private lessons in the past month; all of which are doing fine. Here are some recent pictures from the classroom:

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