Finding the Rabbit
Sunday, January 14, 2007
I did ask my junior high class whether they wanted to play games too, which was met with a resounding no! I had anticipated that, so for Christmas we read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which we enjoyed very much. We just finished it this week. Next week we’ll move on to Jane Austen’s Emma. Both set early nineteenth-century England - but very different novels.

On Christmas Eve, I went out to dinner with my landlord’s family. They are Christian, and had invited me to see the Christmas pageant at their church, which I did want to see, but the scheduling didn’t work out, so I couldn’t go. For Christmas dinner we went to a very good restaurant called Ka Bu Li, which is the same place we’d gone for my birthday earlier this year. My landlord, Mr. Jay, also brought his camera that night, and played around with it quite a lot. Later on he brought me printed and laminated photos from that night, which turned out very nice.

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