Finding the Rabbit
Sunday, March 04, 2007
[You may have to click on this picture to see it better.] Rodger was constantly badgered by men like these, local Filipinos selling gadgets the tourists might desperately need. These guys are selling sunglasses, mostly way overpriced and not that well-made. The Filipinos are extremely persistent salesmen and women (and children). Always exceedingly polite, but able to hang on with the best of them. Rodger got irritated with them rather quickly, but luckily for me they're also very sexist. Whenever they came upon a man and woman presumably together, they invariably honed in on the man and ignored the woman completely. So I just sat back and watched Rodger fend them off. Normally being regarded as an extension of any man in my company would have lit fires under me, but not this time! Once they were gone (and before the next lot set upon us) I ribbed him myself about the endless responsibilities burdening the more credible sex. Rodger took it all in excellent stride. Rodger's the last person you could accuse of being macho or chauvinistic. (And whenever I went out by myself, they swarmed around me as fast as they had him.)

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